Amazing! How can one person drive a 900 ton 66 axle fleet?

If I tell you, one person can drive 3 tractors, a total of 9 trailers, and the total weight of the vehicle can reach 900 tons. You might say, "are you crazy?" Don't rush to deny, it can really be achieved in Australia! Many sinotruk howo truck friends know that Australian road trains are very famous, but it's incredible to drive three cars alone. In this issue, let's see how they do it together!

One person drives three cars, which looks like "alien technology". However, they are realized through the "formation" system, which is a auto drive system. As part of the formation driving, the fleet is composed of three tractors towing three howo dump semi trailers respectively. The driver only needs to drive the first vehicle, and the two vehicles behind will follow automatically. Such formation driving on the highway may sound chilly, but in fact, it is much safer on the private road near the Australian mine. After all, there are very few vehicles and pedestrians passing here, and the vast majority of roads are flat roads, rarely encountering curves.

At the beginning of April this year, Australians conducted a test here, which is also the first test of such formation driving in the world. Howo truck engine driving such a large fleet by one person is indeed very technical. You should know that each road train is composed of a tractor and three dump semi trailers, and each set has 22 axles and a total weight of about 300 tons, that is, the whole fleet has 66 axles, a total weight of about 900 tons!

As a tractor, Kenworth truck is equipped with a very advanced formation system to participate in the test, although it looks a little outdated from the interior. When they worked in the mine, there was actually a driver in each car, but after leaving the mine, only the driver of the first car remained on the car to continue driving. The other two drivers participated in the test through the autopilot. If you ask what the meaning of doing this is, there is no doubt that if one person can pull 900 tons of goods, this must be one of the lowest cost and cheapest mine transportation modes in the world!

The concept of road train first appeared in 1956. Lloyd J. wolf, a genius in the United States who focused on developing unusual transportation industry solutions, worked with local automobile companies to build a special van truck and named it "wolfwagons". The front of the car has a drawbar, which can make them connected together like a train carriage. After being connected together, the whole car can also be controlled by the driver of the first truck.

The earliest "road trains" were basically the same, so their connection order was completely arbitrary. At that time, they could create a "road train" consisting of up to six vehicles. After arriving at the destination, the vehicle can be separated again and taken over by other drivers to complete the final transportation.

The design of these trucks is also very interesting, with steering shaft and cab, subdivided into 2-axis and 3-axis versions, equipped with large cargo compartments. Some versions are even more interesting, making it similar to the current C-class RV. The body and cab are not a whole, but the driver can enter the compartment through the door on the compartment.

Wolfwagons, an early model of this road train, has been in production for eight years and stopped production in 1964. The biggest resistance of this car was to operate such a long train, which was still very difficult at that time. Although it failed, Mr. Wolff's groundbreaking plan inspired future generations to constantly improve it. The inventor should leave a strong mark in the history of truck development.

● postscript:

Thanks to the rich railway freight network in our country, this kind of "road train" can be said to be useless in our country. For Australia, it's not that they haven't considered building a railway, but because of the high cost, building a railway in a deserted place is too expensive, so they still have such a unique mode of transportation. How do you feel about the "road train" card friends? Let's chat in the comment area.