Assist the delivery of dual carbon SINOTRUK HOWO electric traction vehicle in Inner Mongolia

"Zero carbon environmental protection hand in hand with Weilan". On September 13, under the joint witness of leaders of SINOTRUK HOWO and Changsheng Logistics, a batch of CLTruck H5 electric traction vehicles were successfully delivered in Ordos, Inner Mongolia.

The HOWO electric exchange tractor delivered this time has three advantages of "high efficiency, light weight and comfort", and is suitable for various working conditions such as power plants, mines, steel and ports. The car adopts a charging and changing integrated energy supplement mode. In the charging mode, it can support double gun fast charging. It can be charged to 80% in one hour, and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours; Under the power change mode, a 5-minute fast power change can be realized, greatly improving the attendance efficiency. This car is also equipped with Ningde Times 282kWh battery, Fast 6-speed AMT gearbox, Langao motor, Huichuan electronic control and other golden three electricity systems, which are powerful, smooth to operate, and energy saving and power saving. In terms of comfort, this car uses a flat floor, which has more space. It also uses air bag seats, air bag suspension and other configurations, so it has the enjoyment of car class.

As a well-known logistics company in Inner Mongolia, Intergeneration Logistics and SINOTRUCK Liuqi Chenglong have carried out extensive cooperation in the field of green logistics and new energy vehicles based on their common green development goals and business philosophy, and achieved good results. In the future, the two sides will also carry out in-depth strategic cooperation around the whole new energy industry chain, market expansion, collaborative innovation, industrial chain extension and other aspects, and work together to actively create green logistics and transportation, and promote green and low-carbon development.

All along, Dongfeng Liuqi CLTruck has actively responded to the call of "zero carbon", not only released the first three-year action plan to reach the peak of carbon in the industry, but also created a series of new energy products including pure electricity, power replacement, hybrid power, fuel cells, etc., actively leading the development of the industry. The successful delivery of CLTruck H5 electric traction vehicle not only means that CLTruck's new energy products are recognized again, but also becomes another case of Dongfeng Liuqi CLTruck's implementation of green logistics.

In the future, Dongfeng Liuqi CLTruck will continue to adhere to the concept of "customer-centric", commit to creating new energy products, empower a better life with low-carbon emission reduction logistics solutions, and play an important role in shaping industrial ecology, promoting industrial innovation, leading local industrial development, and achieving energy conservation and emission reduction.