Compliance ten ton king! Kangling S9 is designed for heavy-duty users

At the moment, it is the tuyere of automotive industry reform. Whoever can grasp the core driving force of development can achieve a new journey in the critical window period. As the backbone of the national brand, howo light truck is deeply rooted in the commercial vehicle market. Aiming at the problem of vehicle selection for different users in various segmentation scenarios, it has launched a new Kangling S-Series high-end yellow brand model to cope with the changing trend of the transportation market and improve the efficiency of logistics and transportation.

China's is also the world's. Economic globalization links the global automobile industry chain, and also brings Chinese automobile brands to the world.

At present, a new era of automobile industry has begun. The automobile industry is experiencing great changes that have not been seen in a century, and the "new four modernizations" revolution is in full swing. In the critical period of industrial transformation and upgrading, howo truck engine has the opportunity to lead Chinese automobile brands to overtake with the strength of national brands.

As a leading enterprise of commercial vehicles in China, sinotruk light truck under JAC automobile ushered in a brand renewal on July 15, and the new brand of JAC 1 truck was officially released, fully demonstrating the strength and foundation of the "time-honored brand of China".

● take advantage of the trend. Kangling S9 escorts users throughout the process

Sun Tzu's art of war said, "the disease of exciting water, as for those who cannot drift, there is potential." The power of potential is the rapid running water that can wash away boulders. Chinese people have always liked to follow the trend and make good use of it to achieve invincibility.

Jac clearly understood the wisdom left by their ancestors.

As we all know, JAC automobile originated from light truck and chassis. It is a "time-honored brand in China" in light truck market. Times are changing, and Chinese time-honored brands are also advancing with the times. As the most representative product of Jianghuai 1 card, Kangling launched S9 product at the right time.

1. Rich sizes and various cargo box lengths for users to choose

At present, the blue card new regulation is about to enter the countdown. The Ministry of industry and information technology previously gave blue light trucks a transition period of six months, that is, before September 1, large displacement and wide body cars can also be listed as blue. Up to now, there is only more than one month left in the transition period. Will the future trend of blue light trucks change? In fact, no one knows.

Secondly, the blue card is too small and the yellow card is too large. After the blue card regulations are upgraded, it is a new problem for many card users to choose cars. This Kangling S9 may be a popular product in the hearts of users.

This Kangling S9 series has a wide range of sizes, including 4 m 2, 4 M 8, 5 m 2, 5 M 8, 6 m 2, and a variety of cargo car lengths, because whether you are loading in compliance or have a load demand, this Kangling S9 can meet your needs. There is no doubt that the rich size can adapt to more working conditions. If blue cars such as building materials and hardware cannot be pulled, Kangling S9 can be pulled; Kangling S9 can go to small markets, small streets and other places that are difficult to get by card in the routine.

2. Comfortable, economical and high-end, create high-quality products for users in an all-round way

In addition, Kangling S9 can provide users with a more comfortable environment, a more high-end feeling and a more economical way to make money.

In terms of comfort, as the first high-end yellow card car of Jianghuai Kangling, the cab of Kangling S9 has been completely upgraded. First of all, the framework of the cab is upgraded, the A-pillar is more upright, and the half high top design is adopted, which means that the cab has more space. The most important thing is that the S9 is equipped with a light Cary, but it is equipped with relatively few airbag seats, which has a first-class shock absorption effect and ensures that the driver has a comfortable driving experience in any road condition.

In terms of high-end, Kangling S9 realizes the overall upgrading of the vehicle. In terms of intelligent manufacturing, JAC has built the world's highest standard global light truck model factory - Xingang No. 1 base. According to the introduction, the production base has world-class precision and cutting-edge main production equipment, which integrates automation, informatization and digitalization, and has won the "2021 China automotive industry benchmark intelligent factory".

In addition, through the construction of the three-dimensional product R & D strategy of "platform + family + customization", JAC 1 card has created a new national VI development platform with a new generation of high-strength steel frame and cab, completed the customized development and mass production of hundreds of national VI products covering hundreds of application scenarios, and can quickly respond to user needs.

In terms of economy, Kangling S9 implanted the concept of helping users make money and save money into their bones. For users, the essence of commercial vehicles is to make money. Obviously, JAC understands this and implements this concept to the end.

S9 is the main model of Kangling. In terms of power chain, S9 can provide users with Cummins, Yunnei engine and fastex gearbox. The actual picture is a 5-meter-8 model, equipped with a four liter machine with an eight gear box. Relying on the positive R & D strength of Jiangqi group's national scientific research platform, overseas R & D center, core power and intelligent system, Kangling S9 vehicle technology has achieved a qualitative leap and brought more economic benefits to users.

Light truck is the foundation of JAC. The more pain it faces, the more determined it is to move forward and accelerate the transformation and upgrading. After 58 years of development, JAC is currently accelerating the transformation and upgrading of high-quality development. It is hoped that after the brand strategy of JAC 1 card is released, the position of Chinese commercial vehicle brand in the global automotive industry chain will be further improved