Dongfeng dolika will accompany you on the road to prosperity

From the "manager" who drove Dongfeng windmill ten years ago to the "manager" who now coordinates the team, he started as a truck driver and climbed to the peak of his career. Years have changed, but what remains unchanged is his love for Dongfeng light trucks. From the national third car series to howo dolica superpowers, he has "collected" almost all Dongfeng's best-selling models. When it comes to why he started Dongfeng dolica superpowers, he said: "his acceleration performance is very good, very good, and he went up at a whoosh speed". Click on the video to view his bonding with Dongfeng Dorica.

In the interview, master Guan made no secret of his love for Superman cars. When asked to describe Superman cars in one sentence, he said without thinking: "drive a superman sinotruk car to be a superman". Indeed, both cars and people perfectly fit the word "Superman".

● work ability: from driver to general manager

"At first, it was selling goods. Later, it was well-known for a long time. Gradually, there were more customers, and a driver team was formed until it began to run nationwide logistics.". The secret of manager Guan's wealth is to build a good reputation and build himself into an all-round team. At the beginning of his career, he loaded, pulled and unloaded goods alone; When his career improves, he also needs to constantly sinotruck learn the knowledge of overall operation, contact customer needs, and reasonably allocate the work of the driver team. From receiving orders to planning to implementation, he is a proper "super capable person".

Every side, can be alone, every day, is leaping forward. The title of "super power" is the result of efforts, which perfectly matches the brand concept of Dongfeng dolika super power's new upgrade. Over the past 21 years, Dongfeng dolica's team has continuously evolved its brand image, always paid attention to market demand, and devoted all its efforts to creating Dongfeng dolica's versatile, practical and reliable model, which eventually exploded in the market.

"Drive a super car and be a super person". The wonderful resume of the manager and the excellent performance of Dongfeng dolika's super ability are mutual achievements. In the logistics industry, the most important thing for managers is economy and carrying capacity. Dongfeng dolika supercar adopts a new generation of high-strength lightweight axles and frames, with strength increased by 20% and carrying capacity higher. One trip can pull more goods, and one-way profit has increased significantly; In view of the pain of fuel consumption, Dongfeng dolika Superman has helped card users to save 10% of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers through "five fuel saving black technologies" such as light weight, low wind resistance, high combustion efficiency, long-term maintenance and eight gear box. With lower costs to obtain higher profits, Dongfeng dolika superpower has added a great deal of color to the success of the management manager.

● family superpower: husband and father

I will do my best in my work and in my family. He participated in everything from family planning to picking up children from school, and never missed the responsibilities of his husband and father. Under his desk, there was always a picture of his son when he was a child. Every time I see him, he will become soft and delicate. Like every card reader, he always feels that family comes first. If he wants to squeeze enough time to accompany his family to grow up, he needs to work efficiently and worry free.

Dongfeng Dorica's superpower has obviously achieved this. In order to care for every card user, Dongfeng dolika super brand promises: brand guarantee rescue arrives within 3 hours, limited time maintenance / overtime compensation; 24 free health clinics; In terms of spare parts, the headquarters, the spare parts platform and the service station have built three-layer storage, and special parts can arrive within a limited time to ensure that there is no shortage of spare parts for rapid maintenance. The headquarters, together with 31 spare parts platforms across the country, has a reserve of nearly 170 million spare parts. It is this strong service guarantee network that makes the management manager never worry about long-distance vehicle conditions, nor need to coordinate with the driver team to repair after-sales, saving a lot of complicated and trivial steps. In his spare time, he can cook for his wife and help his children with their homework. Every ordinary moment at home is real happiness.

All efforts are for a better tomorrow. On September 7, the nationwide listing of Dongfeng dolicha superpowers and the activity of tasting ten thousand miles was held in Nanjing. The order volume on the day of the activity was as high as 356. Car buyers said: Dongfeng dolicha superpowers can adapt to multiple road conditions, have high fuel economy and are comfortable to drive, which is a good choice for getting rich.

In order to live up to the trust of card friends, Dongfeng dolika's superpowers will accompany you all the way. The implementation of "decathlon super evolution" is to create conditions for card users to become rich and realize their super life more easily. Manager Guan's story inspires every card user, and Dongfeng dolika's superpowers will accompany you and open up an extraordinary path in life.