Good news: Dongfeng light vehicle has reached cooperation with many large customers

Making breakthroughs and achieving development is always what every enterprise strives for and expects. Especially in today's increasingly polarized automobile market, many enterprises take actions frequently and expect to stand tall in the fierce competition. The marketing headquarters of sinotruk Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "marketing headquarters") is deeply rooted in the market, constantly starting from the details and the foundation, and exchanging sincere products and services for user trust. Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. reached cooperation and delivery with Inner Mongolia Pengxing Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Inner Mongolia Pengxing") and other enterprises in Wulanchabu, which is also the best proof of this trust.

In order to facilitate this cooperation, the large and light truck sales department of the marketing headquarters and Inner Mongolia Pengxing have maintained close communication and demand response for more than one year, and have made full analysis and insight into the local market environment. Wulanchab is located in the north of China and the central part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is known as "grassland cloud Valley", "potato capital of China", "grassland skin capital" and "oat capital of China". The production and sales of local agricultural and sideline products are quite large. Inner Mongolia Pengxing not only focuses on developing enterprise strength, but also assists local and surrounding farmers in packaging, processing, transportation and sales of agricultural and sideline products. In all these links, product transportation is the most important. It is precisely by grasping such user characteristics that howo light vehicles have successfully won this "niche" market with excellent products and sincerity that meet user needs.

On September 6, Dongfeng light vehicles and Inner Mongolia Pengxing officially signed an order for 100 Dongfeng dolica D9 products. Ye Hui, head of the light truck business department of the marketing headquarters, signed a cooperation agreement with the representatives of the other party's enterprises. Liu Hui, Secretary of the Party committee of sinotruck Motor Co., Ltd., and Xiong Jihai, head of the marketing headquarters, witnessed the agreement. These 100 Dongfeng dolika D9 will not only provide great assistance to the future vegetable transportation of Inner Mongolia Pengxing, but also bring new hope to the local sales of agricultural and sideline products and the improvement of farmers' income.

In the period before and after the signing of the cooperation agreement with Inner Mongolia Pengxing company, the marketing headquarters cooperated with the local distributors in Ulanqab, and reached cooperation with two local enterprises respectively, and delivered as many as 47 Dongfeng freika products in succession. It is understood that the local Freka dealers have been working in Ulanqab for 11 years, and making such a breakthrough is of great significance to give play to the overall advantages of the region, enhance regional competitiveness and promote marketing upgrading.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the market has declined, and dealers are also facing the situation of fewer customers entering the store and insufficient sales. In the face of difficulties, enterprises and distributors did not wait, rely on and demand, but constantly gave play to their subjective initiative to "go out and bring in". On the one hand, we constantly take the initiative to go out of the comfort circle, constantly develop new users and groups, and win customer recognition with solid products and services. On the other hand, we also keep in touch with major and old customers, invite them in, and let them feel sincere, so as to obtain valuable sales information. It is precisely relying on the unremitting efforts of "two hands, both hard" that we have finally achieved results, won the trust and support of the two enterprises, and reached cooperation.

The continuous signing and delivery of contracts have verified the results of the marketing practice of digging deep into the market, created more value for users, and helped the development of enterprises. At the same time, the grand blueprint of factory, business and customer working together for the future is also slowly unfolding.

Facts have proved that in the increasingly fierce market competition, it is obviously very difficult to achieve development by relying solely on improving product power or other simple means. Dongfeng light vehicle is deeply supported and trusted by users by its insight into users, direct response to users' fundamental needs and creation of value for users. What's more, the belief of "born for customers" has always been running through the development history of Dongfeng light vehicles. Dongfeng light vehicles look forward to helping users grow with their own strength and insist on being a solid backing for customers forever! Perhaps it is this unchanging original intention and user trust that really enable Dongfeng light vehicles to travel steadily and far in the increasingly fierce market competition.