Helping Lhasa epidemic prevention and control, Junling delivered 11 sets in batch

In late August, 11 jac-1 Ka Junling vans were lined up in the Shunfeng Fengtai Industrial Park of Lhasa City, officially delivered to Tibet Tianzi howo trade and put into the first line of anti epidemic, contributing to the supply of materials for the people of Lhasa.

Previously, due to the epidemic, Lhasa began to implement a city wide silent control from August 12. Considering the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the delivery ceremony was simple and fast. Before delivery, the staff of the service station sinotruk carefully inspected all vehicles. At the time of delivery, the service personnel in protective clothing explained the precautions in the use of the national light truck for the drivers, and explained and demonstrated the common operations.

Founded in 2017, Tianzi commerce and trade is an important local distribution service provider and an important force to help fight the epidemic. The material distribution vehicles purchased this time have high requirements. In addition to reliability and stability, they also have high requirements for the sealing and loading of the cargo compartment. sinotruck 1 kajunling starts from the needs of users, and the anti-corrosion and anti rust performance of the high-quality original car reaches the leading level in the industry; Excellent driving forces such as Jianghuai ruijiete and Anhui Cummins ensure efficient transportation and attendance; The 180 chassis has strong load-bearing performance, increased gear opening at the bottom, more stable cornering and safer transportation.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the epidemic has been repeated in many places, and the situation of prevention and control is complex and severe. On the front line of epidemic resistance in various places, there has always been a Jianghuai 1 card. In April this year, in the face of the severe epidemic situation in many places, jac-1 card, relying on the strong R & D capacity and technical reserves of JAC automobile, developed a full scene, full working condition, multi-purpose and professional epidemic prevention vehicle based on the needs of epidemic prevention, and created the most comprehensive "epidemic prevention vehicle No. 1" in the light truck industry, including "epidemic prevention vehicle No. 1", "epidemic prevention vehicle No. 1" medical supplies vehicle, "epidemic prevention vehicle No. 1" medical waste transfer vehicle The "anti epidemic No. 1" logistics support vehicle and the "anti epidemic No. 1" material supply vehicle cover five anti epidemic vehicle scenarios, providing all-round transport capacity support for all walks of life to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

The batch delivery of Jianghuai 1-card Junling is not only the continuation of Jianghuai 1-card in helping the anti epidemic action, but also the contribution of Jianghuai 1-card to Lhasa's anti epidemic action and material support transportation. With the efforts of all the anti epidemic personnel, Lhasa will overcome the epidemic and restore production and living order as soon as possible.