How does Cummins+flat floor surpass Q7 to run bulk goods

Some time ago, we interviewed Mr. Wang, the general manager of a logistics company. His company recently bought 15 sets of Exceeding HOWO at one go, which is a big deal in this year's environment. Today, we will start from the operation scenario of Mr. Wang's company to see why he firmly chose JAC to surpass Q7.

According to Mr. Wang, their company is currently mainly engaged in the transportation of coal mines, iron powder and other bulk goods. The route starts from Ningbo to Hangzhou, Xuzhou and other cities, and is mainly provincial roads, with a single transportation distance of about 200 kilometers.

Influenced by the epidemic situation and other aspects in recent years, the market environment is not good, the supply of goods is obviously decreasing, the competition pressure is growing, the freight rate in the transport market is also much lower than before, while the oil price has risen a lot.

In this context, the environment for bulk cargo transportation is not so ideal. To ensure the steady improvement of the company's revenue, we need to open source and reduce costs. Mr. Wang said to us: "Although most of our company's routes are within the province, the mileage of a single SINOTRUK truck in a month can reach about 20000 kilometers. In today's high oil price environment, the fuel consumption is a very big expense for us. One car saves a little, and nearly a hundred cars save more. So when buying a car, we will definitely prefer high-end brands with low fuel consumption."

At the end, Mr. Wang also added that it is difficult to find experienced and stable old sinotruck drivers, so now you should also buy a car that is comfortable to drive. First, reduce the accident rate, and second, improve the attractiveness to drivers.

After listening to Mr. Wang's appeal, we got the following car use scenarios and demands:

[Operation mode: single person transportation, vehicles owned by the company, requiring high transportation efficiency and low fuel consumption]

[Model selection: the target vehicle is a 6X4 high-end tractor, which is intended to be used for a long time, so it has high requirements on quality]

[Transport goods: coal mine, iron powder and other bulk goods, which are heavy and require strong vehicle carrying capacity]

[Transportation distance: medium and long distance, single transportation distance is about 200km]

[Road condition: mainly the expressway in Zhejiang Province, with little undulation on the road surface, pursuing high speed]

Based on the above analysis of vehicle use scenarios, we know that Mr. Wang's vehicle demand can be roughly divided into the following points:

1. The power should be strong enough. For the transportation industry, timeliness is money. The higher the transportation efficiency is, the greater the company's income will be. The powerful power performance is the best guarantee for timeliness.

2. Low fuel consumption. The general environment of the market is not good, the supply of goods is less, the competition pressure is great, but the oil price has risen a lot. Therefore, in order to improve the company's income, we must control costs.

3. Comfortable enough: Through Mr. Wang, we also learned that it is difficult to find stable old drivers. The comfort of the car can also become an attraction for the company to find people and reduce the accident rate.

4. Strong carrying capacity: Because of the heavy weight of coal mines, iron powder and other bulk goods, the carrying capacity of vehicles should keep up.

Then, can Mr. Wang's choice of Exceeding Q7 meet his transportation tasks and demands? Let's continue to look.

● The transportation efficiency of 14L Cummins is guaranteed

In terms of power, this exceed Q7 is equipped with a Cummins engine, the specific model is Z14NS6B560, and the displacement is 13.48L, meeting the national six emission standards. Its maximum output power is 418kW (560 horsepower), which can produce a peak torque of 2650N · m at 900-1400rpm, and the power output is quite strong.

This engine is matched with a ZF AMT transmission, the model is 12TX2620TD. This gearbox has stable performance and convenient shifting. Moreover, AMT's application card greatly simplifies the driver's operation and reduces the work intensity.

This gearbox has 12 forward gears and two reverse gears. The gear ratio of the gearbox is 16.688, and the highest gear is direct gear. The classic power combination of Cummins and ZF can not only provide strong power output for vehicles, but also not disappoint people in reliability.

In terms of chassis, the rear axle beyond Q7 adopts a single-stage reduction axle with a speed ratio of 2.64. The small speed ratio combined with the strong power output of 560 horsepower can well meet the user's pursuit of high efficiency. Moreover, the 200000 km long oil change design reduces the maintenance frequency and improves the vehicle attendance.

● Low drag appearance, lower fuel consumption

As a new high-end heavy truck, Chaoyue Q7 also uses a new design language, which highlights the three-dimensional and continuity of the overall style. The waist line and the covering parts beside the headlights are designed with arc lines, which can effectively reduce the wind resistance.

In terms of endurance, this Q7 surpasses the Q7 by adopting the design of 800+200L dual fuel tanks. A total of 1000L large volume fuel tanks are very suitable for trunk logistics on long-distance routes, reducing the number of refuelling and saving transportation time. The fuel tank with all aluminum alloy shell can also help the vehicle further reduce its dead weight.

The tire is a 12R22.5 vacuum tire. The advantages of this tire are very obvious, namely, wear resistance, durability and light weight. Moreover, its rolling resistance is low, and with the adjustable deflector, it can further reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle and increase the fuel economy.

Thanks to various lightweight technologies, the weight of the whole vehicle exceeding Q7 is only 8.18 tons, and the wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle is 0.47. Under comprehensive working conditions, the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is about 32L, which can be said to meet Mr. Wang's demand for low fuel consumption.

● New interior design and configuration are luxurious enough

In terms of driving experience, Chaoyue Q7 is equipped with a new cab with a high roof and flat floor. It uses a four point airbag suspension, which can effectively ensure the stability of the cab.

Thanks to the design of high roof and flat floor, the cab beyond Q7 can create more internal space for drivers and passengers. Both the internal height and the space between the main and passenger seats are very abundant, allowing the driver to really move freely in the cab.

The steering wheel adopts a four panel design, with fine workmanship. It is also covered with a layer of leather material, which makes the overall grip feel very comfortable. Multimedia control, video entertainment, cruise control and other function keys are set on both sides of the steering wheel, which is convenient to use.

There is also a large LCD screen on the center console, which has powerful functions and high resolution. It adopts a rare vertical placement mode, and can provide drivers with real-time navigation and other functions when driving.

The main driver who surpasses the Q7 adopts a leather airbag seat. Its cushion has been thickened and covered with a leather layer, which makes it feel good. Of course, the functions are also very comprehensive, including the four adjustments, lumbar support, seat heating and seat ventilation

Thanks to the large space of the cab, the width of the lower berth beyond Q7 has reached 900mm, and the width of the double bed is nearly 1m. The upper berth also has 800mm, allowing the driver to have a good rest on the way.

There is also a car refrigerator under the sleeper. For medium and long distance buses, the car refrigerator is a very practical configuration. With a car refrigerator, you can store enough food in it to solve the problem of eating on the road.

With the global warming, the temperature in summer is getting higher day by day, and the parking air conditioner has become an indispensable configuration. And this car beyond Q7 has its own parking air conditioner, which is also an overhead integrated air conditioner. It does not take up space and is convenient to use.

● Afterword:

As far as the configuration of the whole car is concerned, the Q7 is equipped with Cummins 14L power+ZF AMT transmission, and also has a new high roof double bedroom flat floor cab, which has a good performance in terms of transport capacity, transport efficiency, fuel consumption and comfort. It can also meet several operation requirements proposed by Mr. Wang. What do you think of this car? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.