Jianzhi green city with long-distance new series products appear in Shancheng

With the guidance of the development goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" in China, new energy commercial vehicles, as a key factor to drive China's economy and infrastructure construction, its high-quality development is decisive for the future. On July 30, 2022, long-distance new energy commercial vehicles appeared in Shancheng with long-distance Xingzhi, long-distance Xingxiang and howo long-distance sharp series products. Liu Yanbo, deputy general manager of Geely commercial vehicle light business marketing company, Jiao Fei, executive vice president and Secretary General of Chongqing logistics and supply chain association, many dealers, partners and hundreds of card friends witnessed the ceremony.

Keep your feet on the ground and work hard for a long time! Sharpen a sword in six years. Long distance new energy commercial vehicles have been deeply cultivated in the industry for nearly six years. The reason why they can be well verified by the market is also due to the leading technology and forward-looking strategic layout accumulated in the field of new energy. Sinotruk Long distance new energy commercial vehicles always adhere to the development direction of the new generation of commercial vehicle products and businesses with "R & D as the guide and focusing on green intelligence" as the core, and based on green intelligence, the new generation of commercial vehicles has created three market ecological platforms: Green smart, everything friendly + sunshine Mingdao and alcohol hydrogen technology, and vigorously carried out the implementation of the "" market ecological strategy based on "business model", Create a zero carbon land transportation and sustainable future.

Looking at the urban distribution logistics market, in order to better serve users and build a convenient, efficient and intelligent modern logistics system. The light business section of remote new energy commercial vehicles cooperates with partners to build an industrial ecosystem and build a "remote e-home" with great emphasis. "Remote e-home" undertakes the new positioning of remote brands, and is the "smart green transportation technology integrated service provider" system. It creates an innovative business model from "vehicle" as the center to "goods" as the center, and carries out multi business operation with new business forms, new systems, new businesses, and new models. Howo truck engine It is a "transportation micro ecosystem" of digital + full link business operation, which realizes people, vehicles, goods, finance, markets The closed-loop of operations and other businesses has fully enabled partners. On July 8, 2022, the first "remote e-home" officially awarded the license to Yunnan Dayu, a remote new energy commercial vehicle dealer, which also marks the "one child landing" of the remote new energy commercial vehicle light business segment under the guidance of the 1233 market strategy.

With the improvement of key technical indicators such as the endurance mileage and energy density of battery system of new energy logistics vehicles in China, new energy commercial vehicles have been widely applied in various subdivisions of urban freight distribution, such as pharmaceutical logistics, moving services, agricultural products logistics, fresh and cold chain logistics, express delivery, supermarket distribution, e-commerce distribution, furniture and household appliances distribution and shared transportation capacity.


Driven by policy + market, Geely's new energy commercial vehicles were in full bloom in June 2022, and its overall sales ranked first in the industry. Its long-range brands ranked first in the three sub sectors of new energy light business, new energy light passenger and new energy light truck. Among them, the market share of remote brand new energy light trucks in June was as high as 26.87%. Looking back on the first half of 2022, Geely's cumulative sales of new energy commercial vehicles achieved the best results in the industry, with a clear leading edge; Among them, the long-distance brand new energy light truck ranked first in the industry in the first half of the year, taking the top place in the industry with absolute advantages. The remote new energy commercial vehicle light commercial product line focuses on the urban distribution market, forming a technical route with pure electricity and extended range as the core, and the layout of the three sub brand ecosystems of Xingzhi, Fengrui and Xingxiang. The models cover light trucks, small and micro trucks and Van vehicles, which can meet the vehicle needs of different logistics and transportation scenarios.

At this tasting, the remote light merchants brought the products of remote Xingzhi h, remote Xingzhi GLR refrigerator truck, remote e200s refrigerator truck, remote sharp F3E, remote Xingxiang V, remote Xingxiang E6, and remote Xingxiang e5l, which were amazing. A total of 508 long-distance new energy commercial vehicles were signed at the tasting. It is worth mentioning that the remote sharp F3E Ningde times 55.7 new products were released nationwide at this tasting, with the official guidance price of 183800 yuan for the compartment version, 175800 yuan for the fence version, and 179800 yuan for the warehouse grid version.

The new long-distance sharp F3E Ningde era is 55.7 degrees. It is the representative work of the new forces of small trucks of long-distance new energy commercial vehicles. It has four advantages of high quality, high appearance, big power and big load. It can be described as the responsibility of urban and rural logistics distribution, providing a new choice for small truck users and a matching green and efficient solution for the logistics industry. In terms of production capacity layout, Geely commercial vehicles takes incremental product delivery as the policy to comprehensively create high-quality products. Long range sharp F3E is a small truck tailored by Shangrao digital intelligence factory, the production base with the highest overall design level and the largest investment scale of Geely commercial vehicles.

Shangrao digital intelligence factory has advanced manufacturing technology. Through the industrial Internet platform, it can realize the integrated operation of research, production and marketing. In the future, it can also realize personalized customization, so that it can quickly and accurately meet the market's needs for high scenario, customization and intelligence of new energy commercial vehicles. This also shows that while the production efficiency of remote sharp F3E is greatly improved, the quality is also effectively guaranteed, and it can fully meet the market supply.

The tide is wide on both sides, and the wind is hanging. China's ecological civilization construction has entered a critical period of promoting the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and promoting the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development. As a leader in the commercial vehicle industry, long-distance new energy commercial vehicles strive to deepen the development layout of "green and intelligent", play a steady role in the urban distribution logistics market, and lead the development of new models and new formats in the intelligent manufacturing industry, which will also lead the high-quality development of new energy commercial vehicles, which is expected in the future!