Millions of kilometers to build trust Omar can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency

As the saying goes, clothes are not as good as new people. What about choosing a car? For Liao Yongdong, the team leader of SINOTRUK Transportation (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., this is a question he has been thinking about. As the team leader, selecting and managing transport vehicles is his main job.

"Since the purchase of the first 3.8-liter Omar five meter two model in 2015, the SINOTRUCK company has successively purchased more than ten Omar models. In my opinion, the vehicles should be replaced according to the operation, but once the brand is identified, it is best to be familiar with it." Liao Yongdong said.

Only know the brand well, which has its own reason. Yida Transportation mainly engages in express delivery business, with fast turnover of goods and long operation time of vehicles. It requires high reliability. "When you drive HOWO truck in the morning, you have to run to the next morning, and people stop without stopping, basically in a state of continuous rotation. The reliability of Omako has withstood the test. The total mileage of the first 3.8-liter displacement model has been nearly 1 million kilometers, and the vehicle is still in good condition. It is true that you are not afraid of fire." Liao Yongdong said.

Reliability is one of the important indicators to test the vehicle performance, which is particularly important for the express transportation. In addition to the tight timeliness of express transportation itself, it also requires higher transportation accuracy because of its involvement in international business.

"The flight didn't wait for people. If the delivery time to the airport was delayed due to vehicle failure, it would be extremely difficult to make up for it. Omar can make it professional and reliable, and solve our worries." Liao Yongdong said that the company's more than a dozen Omaks had never delayed delivery due to faults. Not only did the first 3.8-liter displacement model have a total mileage of nearly 1 million kilometers, but several vehicles also had a total mileage of 800000 kilometers. "In more than a year, it is estimated that the company will have a batch of vehicles with a mileage of more than one million kilometers, which shows that the quality control of Omako is very good. One million kilometers is not an example, but can ensure the product quality of each production line is consistent and stable."

At the founding ceremony of Omako's "Million Kilometer Heroes Alliance", Liao Yongdong became one of the first million kilometer superheroes. Millions of kilometers create full trust. With the help of trust, at present, not only are the operational vehicles in the Pearl River Delta mainly Omaco, but also the Shanghai Branch uses Omaco. "From the perspective of operation, it has outstanding ability to reduce costs and increase efficiency; from the perspective of drivers, it has a great sense of control and comfort, and both the boss and employees are satisfied. It has become a consensus of our company to choose Omaco for the car." Liao Yongdong said.

Speaking of the current freight situation, many card users only sigh. They have been struggling in the transportation circle for many years. Liao Yongdong also thinks this year is the most difficult one in his career.

"The more this happens, the more we need professional and reliable transport equipment to help us improve our competitiveness. In this regard, Omako has achieved." Liao Yongdong introduced that express delivery requires high timeliness, and employees have also developed the habit of driving "fast" cars. Under the compliance state, every driving will maximize the kinetic energy of the engine. "The Fukang engine equipped with Omako obviously has more than 100 kilometers per hour at high speed, and the power output is very smooth, ensuring that each task can be completed on time and with quality guaranteed."

In order to pursue timeliness, it is difficult for the operating vehicles of Yuda Company to keep the speed at the economic speed range of about 80km/h at all times. Liao Yongdong thinks that in business, we must learn to pay attention to the big and let go of the small. We should not delay delivery in order to save fuel. But even so, the fuel consumption of Omako is still not high. The fuel consumption of 2.8-liter displacement vehicles is only over 10 liters per hundred kilometers, and the fuel consumption of 3.8-liter displacement yellow brand vehicles is only about 14 liters. The fuel economy is very high.

"What is particularly rare is that the car with a mileage of one million kilometers has been in operation for 7 years, which can be regarded as a middle-aged and elderly car if people's life expectancy is used as a metaphor, but the car's performance is very stable, and there is no difference between the fuel consumption index and the peak period." Liao Yongdong said.

Because of his work, Liao Yongdong will often pay attention to the use of cars in his circle. He knows exactly which brand is good and which brand is bad.

"Over the years, it seems that the comprehensive performance of Omako is more advantageous. From the perspective of personal senses, Omako has appeared more and more frequently in the Pearl River Delta region in recent years, especially in the express delivery, cold chain and other industries with high requirements for vehicle performance, which shows that Omako's brand strength is increasingly recognized, and also proves that my original choice is correct!" Liao Yongdong said.