Predictions come true. Chinese trucks are growing rapidly in Russia!

After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out, Russia suffered severe sanctions from the European Union. Subsequently, all truck parts suppliers from EU countries collectively cut off supply to Russia, and Russian local howo truck manufacturers also faced the embarrassing situation of "no parts available".

In less than half a year, everyone's prediction of the Russian truck market has become a reality. Chinese trucks have achieved rapid growth in the Russian market and will not change for a foreseeable period of time. Chinese made sinotruk trucks began to replace the European brands loved by Russians in the past and began to erode their share.

Last month, the sales volume of Chinese brand trucks in Russia reached 1781, accounting for 30.9% of the total. In the first week of July, from July 4 to July 10, the share of Chinese brand trucks in the Russian market continued to expand to 37.7%. Among them, the heavy truck HOWO brand took the lead, and the brand sold 190 trucks in the Russian market during this period; The second place was won by Shaanxi Automobile, howo truck engine with a sales volume of 188 vehicles; The third is FAW Jiefang, with 82 vehicles in total; Followed by JAC (71 vehicles) and Hongyan (27 vehicles).

However, these changes finally ushered in an important turning point in the second week of July 2022, that is, last week - the number of Chinese trucks sold in Russia for the first time exceeded that of Russian domestic brands or other imported trucks. The sales volume of trucks in China was 630, accounting for 44%; In contrast, 617 vehicles were delivered by Russian local brands, accounting for 43%. In contrast, the market share of Swedish brand trucks fell from 13% at the beginning of the year to 1.4% in June, and the market share of German trucks fell from 6% at the beginning of the year to 1.2%. At the same time, some Russian analysts predict that the market share of Chinese brand trucks is likely to continue to grow in the near future, because the market share of Chinese trucks has maintained rapid growth in the past five months.

In terms of truck brands alone, Kamaz is still the brand with the highest sales volume in the Russian market, but it is followed by a large number of Chinese brands, including heavy duty truck, Shaanxi Automobile, FAW Jiefang, JAC and Hongyan. However, it is worrying that Kamaz is likely to face the exhaustion of western parts immediately, and it is difficult to reverse the decline in a short time. In other words, some truck brands in China are likely to surpass Kamaz and become the single brand with the highest sales volume in the Russian market.

The quality of trucks made in China is getting better and better, but the domestic truck market is very serious. Trucks that have fought in such a high-intensity market also have strong competitiveness on the international stage. It is also an excellent strategy to look overseas. Are you confident about the follow-up performance of Chinese truck brands in the Russian market? Let's chat in the comment area.