See how industry "recruits" lead the new era of light truck power

Six years ago, the R & D was locked in. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers was 1 liter less than that of competitive products, and the sinotruk engine weight was 35-40 kilograms less than that of the same model. Under the new blue brand regulations, such a 2.5-liter light truck engine can become a "dark horse". Can it break through the tight encirclement?

September 1, 2022 is also a new start for blue light trucks. The new regulations are officially implemented and the era of compliance is coming.

Under the new regulations, the emission limit of 2.5-litre howo truck engine is the key, and also the key for brands to plan to deal with the new regulations in the past two years. In the new competitive business format, Oukang engine quietly appeared, starting this round of market competition.

In the light truck industry, the cold chain transportation has high requirements for the transport performance of vehicles. Within the cold chain, the medical transportation represented by vaccines has the most stringent requirements for vehicles. A sinotruck car of vaccine is worth tens of millions of dollars. During the whole transportation process, in addition to meeting the timeliness, the engine and the refrigerator can't have any failure. Even if the storage and transportation temperature is only 1 degrees Celsius, the inactivation of the vaccine will have a significant impact. Therefore, in the cold chain transportation industry, there is a saying that vaccine transportation is cold storage. It can be seen that to conquer this market, we need solid product capacity.

Recently, euroair light trucks have entered the field of CIMC lengyun medical transportation. It is worth noting that these vehicles are equipped with the 2.5-liter engine of OKAN, which is a new power brand in the industry.

"The main reason why CIMC lengyungan cooperates with us is to have confidence in our product," said Xiang Yuanlong, vice president of marketing of Oukang power, and gave a specific introduction to the brand and products.

Foton power has more than 26 years of domestic light truck practice experience, and it has taken the leading position in the industry in terms of new product energy and retention. Ricardo is a global fuel power design company with a century of development. It has the world's leading fuel power technology, and its strength is beyond doubt.

It is reported that the research and development of Oukang engine power products began as early as six years ago. It is a new generation of blue brand power products that follows European standards, combines the use scenarios of light trucks in China, and integrates leading fuel power technology.

Under the special working conditions of refrigerated transportation, OKAN power has done special road experiments, including compressor support, gear train redevelopment, belt precise design, etc. at the same time, it has fully verified in the trial production and trial release stages, and spent more than half a year on durability inspection. In the terminal's Road experiments, it has also completed full verification of high temperature, plateau and cold, Finally, high-end cold chain transportation enterprises such as CIMC cold cloud can rest assured.

Since the beginning of this year, the oil price has risen, the freight rate is low, the governance of illegal overloading has become more and more strict, the overall decline of the freight industry has developed, and the industry shuffle has intensified. At this time, it really needs courage and strength to choose to enter the market.

From the perspective of the core competitiveness of truck products, OKAN power has four advantages: fuel saving, light weight, low noise and service.

"The dual swirl stratified combustion technology can ensure that the fuel consumption of the OKAN engine is one oil less than that of the friendly manufacturers, which is a very important feature." According to Xiang Yuanlong, the maximum torque of OKAN f2.5 engine can reach 470 n · m, which has a good performance in power. At the same time, relying on Ricardo's advanced patented TVCs combustion technology, the whole vehicle equipped with OKAN 2.5-liter engine can achieve fuel saving of 1 liter per 100 kilometers under the same working conditions. This is the real data.

In terms of light weight, Oukang engine adopts the material design of aluminum alloy cylinder head, with aluminum alloy double-layer water jacket cylinder head, shallow water jacket cylinder block, modular integrated whole machine design, forged steel crankshaft, and engineering plastic cover, which can reduce the weight of the whole machine by 35-40kg compared with similar products, providing a considerable space for the main engine factory to reduce weight.

In terms of noise reduction, Oukang engine adopts cylinder bore eccentricity technology to avoid dead center of crankshaft movement, which reduces resistance, friction and noise during the operation of the machine. The idle noise is only 69db, which is equivalent to the normal communication volume of human beings. The driving feeling is quiet and comfortable.

"In terms of customer service, the relationship between the main engine factory and the core parts factory is like a husband and wife. Both sides need to cooperate to serve customers and help customers solve problems in the process of terminal application.". Xiang Yuanlong has the working experience of Foton Cummins and has formed the habit of taking one more step in the customer service center instead of serving behind the home court. In his opinion, only by going to users and understanding their demands alone can we better obtain market demands and turn them into input points for product development or improvement, so as to better achieve customers. For an engine enterprise, its customers include both end customers and main engine manufacturers, which is the unswerving pursuit of OKAN power.

Future layout

With the opening of the era of blue brand new regulations, Xiang Yuanlong believes that the future development of light trucks will show three development trends: compliance, specialization, and coexistence of traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles.

With the stricter management of blue light trucks on the road, heavy-duty light trucks have gradually faded out of sight, and standardization is the inevitable way out for the development of light trucks. In the process of promoting this development direction, micro cards, small cards and van products will usher in new development opportunities. According to the normal freight market capacity, the disappearance of heavy-duty vehicles means an increase in the demand for transport capacity. Before, one truck with 10 tons of goods could be pulled away, and after compliance, it might take 2-3 trucks. The increase in demand brought about by compliance is full of opportunities for the business growth of OKAN.

"In the whole development process of commercial vehicles, China has changed from general-purpose vehicles to special-purpose vehicles. In Europe and the United States, the rate of truck specialization is more than 90%, and China's light truck industry is also gradually moving in this direction." According to Xiang Yuanlong, the power of special vehicles will be the main direction of the development of OKAN power. Among them, the mature refrigerated vehicle power products are the largest segment in the field of special vehicles. In the next step, the product series will be made in the fields of sanitation vehicle systems, dangerous goods and non road engines.

With the promotion of the double carbon goal, the new energy commercial vehicle market is in full swing, but in Xiang Yuanlong's view, the traditional power will not be completely replaced by new energy in the short term. For example, the refrigerated medical transport vehicles delivered this time are required to have a range of at least 300 kilometers. At the same time, there are strict requirements on temperature and vehicle charging and discharging. Many users are still afraid to switch to new energy products.

In addition, Xiang Yuanlong believes that the competition between traditional energy and new energy is actually the competition of energy itself. From the perspective of energy security and energy adaptability, the two should coexist. Oukang power is also planning hybrid products and making corresponding market solutions in the future.

"I bought an OMAC national six Oukang. It drives very well. It has run more than 50000 kilometers. There is no big problem. The fuel consumption is really low and the power is very good." A card friend gave such a comment in the article comment area. Looking through the relevant content, kayou has made a lot of positive comments, which is not easy for an engine brand that has been in the market for less than one year. The goal of European airlines is to "be the leader in the industry of blue brand compliant engine products". Whether and how this goal can be achieved can only be verified by the market.