Size compliance or single tire: who do you like

With the release of the new regulations, in addition to the blue light truck has been greatly affected, the blue dump market has also ushered in a major reshuffle. Howo users are also very interested in what the single tire dump truck looks like after compliance. Today, let's take stock of some compliant Blue brand dump trucks in the current market.

Section 1: xinkangling G3

This new Kangling G3 adopts the latest appearance design of sinotruk. The design of chrome plated Chinese net + front bumper at the mouth of the bottle like cornucopia on the front face of Kangling gives full play to the advantages of the small and flexible model with good trafficability.

The model of this new Kangling G3 single tire dump tire is 7.00r16lt, the wheelbase is 2600mm, the body size is 4995x1900x2090mm, the height of the whole vehicle is within 2.1 meters, and the trafficability is very good.

In terms of power howo truck engine, this car is equipped with a full diesel engine, the model is q23-132e60, and the displacement is 2.3 liters, which meets the emission standard of national VI. Its maximum output power is 97kw (132 HP) and the maximum torque is 320 nm.

The transmission system is matched with wly10h35 transmission of WanLiYang. This transmission is equipped with overspeed gear, with the first gear ratio of 5.06 and the highest gear ratio of 0.76. It also adopts the sub box structure. With many gears and a wide range of speed ratios, it will be easier to pass on urban roads.

The chassis is equipped with a 5-ton rear axle, and the leaf spring also adopts the multi leaf spring design of front 8 and rear 6+6. This car adopts the hydraulic 80 double top design, and the size of the container is 3200x1800x600mm. The material of the container can choose ordinary steel or high-strength steel according to its own needs.

Section 2: Foton King Kong version C

This Foton Vajra has not made too many changes in appearance. The body lines are smooth, and the front face layout is as soft as ever. It looks very good.

This Foton King Kong C version tire has two models: 7.00r16lt and 6.00r15lt 10Pr. The total mass of this car is 4.125 tons, its curb weight is 2470kg, the rated load weight is about 1500kg, the size of the whole car is 4845x1850x1995mm, the height of the car is less than 2 meters, and it is easy to go to the basement.

In terms of power, this car is also equipped with an all diesel engine, with a displacement of 2.3 liters, which meets the national six emission standards, with a maximum output of 95 horsepower and a maximum torque of 240 nm.

The transmission system is matched with the five speed gearbox of mengwo 5g28, which is widely used in light trucks and small trucks. The gear shift is smooth and the probability of failure is small.

The chassis is equipped with a qingte rear axle, and the leaf spring adopts an 8/8+5 steel plate suspension, which can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the vehicle. The size of the whole vehicle, the inner width of the cargo compartment and the tire configuration comply with the latest blue regulations.

Section 3: FAW Hongta classic V6

In the small dump truck market, FAW Hongta has a good market performance. In order to better adapt to the current regulatory environment, this classic V6 is a new blue brand single dump made by Hongta for users.

According to the announcement, this V6 is equipped with a Yunnei Dewei diesel engine with a displacement of 2.0L, which meets the emission standard of national VI. Its maximum output power is 75kW (102 HP), the maximum output torque is 250 nm, and it can output peak torque in the range of 1600-2400rpm. This engine is also used in small light trucks of FAW Hongta.

In terms of size, the size of this classic V6 is 4600x1690x2020mm, the body height is about 2 meters, and the wheelbase is only 2400mm and 2600mm, so the trafficability is quite excellent.

This classic V6 not only has a very compliant body size, but also uses a single tire design for the rear tires. There are two models: 6.00r15lt 10pr/7.00r16lt 14PR.

Section 4: Foton revol S1

Of course, we can't talk about self unloading without Foton revol. In the 355th batch of new products publicity of the Ministry of industry and information technology, we saw a blue brand single birth revol S1 self unloading.

According to the announcement information, the inner width of this S1 self unloading container is 1800mm, which is already the maximum value stipulated by the regulations. The total mass of the vehicle is 4495kg, the curb weight is 2720kg, the rated load mass is 1645kg, and the wheelbase is 2800mm.

In terms of power, this car is equipped with a quanchai h20-120e60 engine, with a displacement of 2.0L, which meets the emission standard of national VI, with a maximum output of 120 horsepower and a maximum output torque of 325 nm. This power is still quite awesome.

There are many tire models in this car. Users can choose between 7.00r16lt 12pr/245/70r19.5 12PR, 7.00r16lt 14pr/7.00r16lt 14PR according to their own needs.

Many card users feel that the new regulations stipulate that the blue brand dump truck must adopt a single tire design, which is a little strange. After all, the carrying capacity of a single tire is weaker than that of a twin tire. But in fact, this is also a way to limit overload operation, and in the era of standard load, the bearing capacity of single tire is completely sufficient. So what does card friend want to say about this? Please leave a message below.