Super long 1000km hybrid version of Junling treasure pot

With the promotion of the "double carbon" goal and the urgent demand of the logistics and transportation industry for high efficiency and energy conservation, new energy hybrid commercial vehicles are becoming a "new blue ocean" for the development of the automobile industry. Hybrid sinotruk vehicles usher in a golden development period and have broad development space in the commercial vehicle market. Take the lead in hybrid, with an ultra long endurance of 1000 kilometers! Jac-1 card accurately grasped the development trend, concentrated resources and made all-out breakthroughs, launched a full series, multi route, full scene and high-value hybrid commercial vehicle product solutions, achieved technological breakthroughs and product leadership, saved users money, effort and worry, and set a new benchmark for hybrid commercial vehicle market!

With comprehensive leading hybrid technology, extremely strong performance advantages and consistent excellent quality, howo 1-card hybrid series is highly expected by the industry and users. Focusing on the right of way for trucks to enter the city and the use scenario of urban distribution logistics, jac-1 card will launch diesel 2.0L + plug-in. Junling's treasure pot model uses a new V5 cab, a wheelbase of 3365mm, plug-in power split hybrid, 7.00 R16 8pr vacuum tire, a knob type gear shift handle, and a one button start. It has advantages of saving money, worry, effort, no mileage anxiety, wide application scenarios, larger payload, and no worries about small tonnage announcements. It provides services for logistics, express delivery, refrigeration Provide high-quality choices for the market segments such as shopping malls and moving houses.

Considering the complex working conditions of urban logistics, hybrid light trucks with high performance and low fuel consumption are widely used in cold chain transportation, commercial distribution, miscellaneous and other market segments. Users pay more attention to purchase cost, fuel saving efficiency, quality reliability, service guarantee and other factors. Based on the main application scenarios of commercial vehicles and users' pain points, sinotruck 1-card hybrid series models adopt four major hybrid technology routes, with an ultra long range of 1000 kilometers, leading the new future of hybrid.

Among them, the high-efficiency version adopts PS power split technology to meet the needs of long mileage logistics and cold chain logistics; Super edition adopts the P1 + P3 series parallel (MHD) + 2amt technical route to empower high-end logistics; The heavy-duty version adopts the P2 parallel (PhD) + 6amt technical route, which matches the professional chassis and is more suitable for commercial distribution; The energy-saving version adopts the extended range series technology route, which is more suitable for the logistics and short distance refrigeration in the city and the suburbs.

The "double carbon" target is superimposed on the continuous upgrading of emission standards, the continued high oil price, the tightening of fuel consumption limits and the restrictions of road rights policies. It is urgent to accelerate the transformation of commercial vehicles into new energy. Among them, hybrid is a better transition plan in the process of automobile moving towards electric drive. In particular, in the restricted areas of first tier cities, hybrid commercial vehicles with stronger power, lower energy consumption, wider road rights, no mileage anxiety, subsidies, new energy license plates, and purchase tax exemption are very suitable for the actual vehicle environment of the logistics and transportation industry. They are a good choice for urban configuration users.

This is the inevitable result of energy development, technological progress and market evolution, and also the "new blue ocean" of the commercial vehicle market. With the continuous maturity of technology and products, driven by the right of way to the city and use scenarios, the sales scale and market share of hybrid light trucks will continue to increase. By 2025, its sales volume is expected to exceed 100000, accounting for more than 30% of the market share of new energy light trucks.

Standing at the forefront of industry reform, jac-1 card adheres to technological progress and user needs, develops in a profound way, leads the hybrid commercial vehicle market in an all-round way, introduces a full series, multi route, full scene and high-value hybrid commercial vehicle product solutions, and has an ultra long endurance of 1000 kilometers with full fuel and power. It meets the core values of saving money, labor and worry of users, deeply helps the logistics and transportation industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and leads the green and low-carbon transformation of the commercial vehicle industry.

Green and low-carbon to the future, the hybrid market is at the right time. As a leading brand in the new energy commercial vehicle industry and a practitioner of the double carbon goal, jac-1 firmly adheres to the new energy development strategy, leads the hybrid commercial vehicle market in an all-round way, with an ultra long endurance of 1000 kilometers, which saves users money, effort and worry. It will vigorously promote the new energy process of the commercial vehicle market, be a pioneer in the "double carbon" action of the automotive industry and a good partner for users to create wealth!