Take a bath and cook everything. Chenglong t7l who moves his family into a truck

Friends who often hang out in truck forums should be able to observe that the favorite topics for card friends are either how to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, or how to use cars, or how to arrange trucks more comfortably. Moving a comfortable home into the truck must be the wish of many card friends, which can not only make small money at ease, but also ensure the quality of life. Is there such a fairy car? Really! Chenglong t7l traveler is a model of howo Liuqi that gives full play to its comfort on the basis of Chenglong T7. It is simply a model of "both hands should be grasped and both hands should be hard".

In terms of shape, this cltruck t7l traveler looks very American. The retro appearance combined with modern simple spraying interweave a unique aesthetic feeling, which is unforgettable. Compared with sinotruk, thanks to the wider cab owned by travelers, it looks more powerful and slender.

The long front shape of the engine also brings many advantages to t7l travelers, and the excessively smoother front brings lower air resistance. The shape details have also been further optimized. The lines of both the front and the wheel arch cover are very smooth. The sun visor of the roof is also highly integrated with the body. The howo truck engine side of the body is covered by fully covered side skirts. All details are working hard to reduce wind resistance and noise.

The headlights of Chenglong t7l traveler adopt an integrated design, and the metal edge on the outside of the air intake grille is exquisite and atmospheric. In addition, t7l also adopts an integrated rear-view mirror, which can help the vehicle reduce driving resistance more effectively than a split rear-view mirror. At the same time, a small camera is also installed under the rear-view mirror and at the front of the car, forming a 360 look around system that can effectively improve driving safety.

T7l traveler's car is also "armed" with many good things. Turn on the switch of the side skirt of Chenglong traveler, and you can draw out the electromagnetic stove and water tank that the traveler matches. It is more convenient for daily cooking and cooking. After reading the configuration outside the car, how about the performance of this traveler's cab?

Coming to the car, as everyone's most concerned point, the front space of the whole cab is still very large. A small square table with an induction cooker is put down in the middle aisle, and there is still a lot of space. Card friends don't need to get off the bus to buy food at all in the service area. Put their own cooking utensils, whether it's eating dumplings or boiling hot pot, it's no problem at all. If you want to "eat hot pot and sing songs" in your car, you can achieve it. You absolutely admire others.

The treatment of the cabin floor and inner wall is also very attentive. A large number of wooden floors + leather soft bags are used, which makes it easier to handle and feel better. Is this kind of cab more in line with the feelings of card friends for "home"?

The seat surface of the vehicle is wrapped with splicing leather, and the airbag shock absorption mechanism ensures that card friends can maintain a stable driving posture when passing through bumpy roads. The one-piece safety belt is very considerate. Card friends can adjust the safety belt to a comfortable position no matter how tall or short, fat or thin, and it is not easy to rub their shoulders.

Chenglong traveler is equipped with a four piece multifunctional steering wheel as standard, and "hands on the wheel" can control phone calls, constant speed cruise and multimedia buttons. T7l traveller's AMT transmission adopts knob operation, and the transmission operation module is placed in the central console. In addition, the parking brake switch is also placed in this position, which not only saves the cab space, but also facilitates the driver to operate it, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

The central console of the vehicle adopts the design of half surrounding the driver, which makes the human-computer interaction more relaxed and convenient. The large embedded central control screen can not only meet the daily audio-visual entertainment needs of card friends, but also visually operate the external 360 ° look around image.

Walking back from the driver's seat is the living area of T7 traveler. Microwave oven, washing machine and refrigerator are equipped behind the copilot. In the position above the microwave oven, Chenglong traveler also reserved a storage cabinet with a very large space. These intimate configurations make it convenient for card friends to heat or store food, cooperate with the induction cooker outside the car, and realize "cooking freedom" during daily transportation.

In the rear of the main driver's seat, a lavatory area is divided. The lavatory adopts a push-pull folding door, with stainless steel basin, bathroom mirror, shower, anti-skid floor glue, storage rack, storage compartment and other configurations, which can fully meet the daily washing needs of card friends.

In terms of sleeper, this traveler also performed very well. The sleeper width of the upper and lower equal width reached an amazing 1.4 meters, which is the best in the commercial vehicle circle. Because the upper berth is higher from the ground, there is a folding escalator to help card friends get up and down the berth. The foldable protective fence design can also better protect card friends from falling into the berth when they brake hard, which is very considerate.

A folding table is also integrated under the bed of the lower berth. After the lower berth is put away, the table can be put down through the knob, so that both husband and wife and father and son sports cars can eat together, which is more warm.

After talking about how to integrate home into trucks, let's see how t7l travelers make money, because this part is especially concerned by card friends.

In terms of cltruck t7l power, cltruck travelers can choose three Dongkang z14 series engines, the specific models are z14ns6b600/z14ns6b560/z14ns6b520 engines, and the horsepower section covers 520-600 horsepower. For long-distance trunk logistics transportation, this power performance is still very sufficient. The traveller in the real shot uses a 560 HP Dongfeng Cummins engine with a maximum torque of 2650n · m, which can output the maximum torque at 900-1400rpm.

In terms of transmission system, this Chenglong traveler is matched with Eaton Cummins ece12 AMT transmission, which adopts overdrive design, and the maximum gear ratio is 0.77. Dongkang engine and Eaton AMT transmission have excellent reputation for transmission smoothness and reliability. Another outstanding advantage of this gearbox is that it has a lighter self weight. The weight of the whole machine is less than 300kg, which is about 15kg lighter than similar products.


In addition, the real dragon traveler is also equipped with Voith hydraulic retarder, which can not only effectively reduce the wear of brake pads, but also be safer on mountain roads. The Dragon traveler chose the Dena double 440 rear axle with a speed ratio of 3.417. When the whole power chain is matched, the power of the vehicle can also give card friends enough confidence when dragging a larger living cabin.

In the chassis part, this Chenglong traveler is equipped with exquisite tires with a specification of 12r22.5, and the front wheel rim is also made of aluminum alloy. With the blessing of aluminum alloy fuel tank and other lightweight materials, Chenglong traveler has also made every effort to control the servicing quality.

Through the truck home speed calculator, we can calculate that when the vehicle is at 900-1400rpm, the transmission adopts the highest gear, and the speed can reach 67-105km / h. Such a speed enables it to gallop freely under the condition of ensuring good fuel economy, whether on national highways, provincial highways or expressways.

In the side skirt, t7l is equipped with 450+600l main and auxiliary fuel tanks. A total of 1050l high-capacity fuel tanks can bring about 3000 kilometers of endurance for the car and reduce the frequency of refueling at the station.

In terms of suspension, t7l travelers can also choose air suspension system, which not only takes into account the driving comfort, but also reduces the possibility of cargo damage for high value-added goods. The use of air suspension also makes it faster to connect trailers in the mode of drop and hitch transportation.

● postscript:

T7l traveler standing on the shoulder of cltruck T7 has taken another step forward. On the basis of efficiency and reliability, its comfort performance is more superior, even in the face of imported trucks. Choosing the freight industry is to say goodbye to ease, work hard and even keep company with the stars. But within the scope of ability, choosing a more comfortable truck will certainly make you full of vitality every day. Dear card friends, how do you feel about the performance of this Chenglong t7l traveller? Let's chat in the comment area