The monthly income decreased by 10000. The illegal parking of truck drivers in Shanghai became normal

The monthly income of individual SINOTRUK drivers decreased by 10000 yuan, and a large number of trucks were stranded on the highway, causing the conflict between people and vehicles. Recently, the problem of the survival of Shanghai truck has attracted the attention of relevant departments. At the same time, we also interviewed industry leaders and truck drivers in Shanghai.

In the content of the last issue (link to related content: the phenomenon of empty parking of truck has become worse after the Shanghai epidemic), we can see that the monthly income of professional howo truck drivers will be reduced by about 2000, or even more. What about retail drivers? We also interviewed a friend.

Brother Xu has also opened a sinotruck truck in Shanghai for many years, but he is a retail investor with no fixed source of goods. He usually finds goods by himself. He said: "This year's income is at least 10000 yuan lower than last year." Ten thousand here means that the monthly income has decreased by ten thousand, which is also a considerable loss.

It is reported that during the epidemic in Shanghai, Brother Xu did a good job in collecting cards, which also confirms the words of Brother Liu who interviewed earlier that "the epidemic has no impact on collecting cards".

Now, Brother Xu says that the car rate is very low, which is basically "maintenance". For small retail investors like him, the current truck market is a fatal blow to them. Many retail investors have stopped to rest for a long time, and some have stopped selling cars directly.

Because there is no life, or less life, many trucks stop at the roadside. Of course, it is illegal to stop on the road, and it is common for drivers to collect tickets.

According to Brother Xu, parking is mostly to hide from traffic police when taking a break, but they often receive a ticket because electronic probes are now all over the streets and alleys of Shanghai.

At the chatting stall, Brother Xu received a warning message to remind him to drive away quickly, otherwise he would be punished. In fact, the laws and regulations are relatively loose now. In the past, as long as the camera is caught by the monitoring probe, it will be punished.

However, now Shanghai has launched the Guiding Opinions on Comprehensively Implementing the Non Administrative Punishment for Minor Violations of the Law (relevant content: Shanghai will comprehensively implement the non administrative punishment for minor violations of the law). From August 20, it will comprehensively implement the non administrative punishment for minor violations of the law.

The violation of parking like Brother Xu is a minor violation of the law. As long as it is corrected in time, it means driving away, and no administrative penalty can be imposed. This is very good news for truck drivers

The road is used as a parking lot. In Shanghai, it is common for trucks to park beside the road. This situation makes the contradiction between human cars and roads more and more acute.

A large number of trucks are parked on the roads where there are many trucks, such as Xuelong Road, Gaoxiang Road, Dongji Road, Gangjian Road and other auxiliary roads, which cause serious inconvenience to the surrounding residents. The residents suffer terribly and complain constantly.

For drivers, they also have difficulties. Brother Xu said: If there is a parking lot, they are willing to park it even if it is for a fee, but now there is no parking lot.

We interviewed a staff member of the Logistics Association, who also put forward three constructive suggestions: "The top priority is for the government around the terminal to release idle land for temporary parking, ease the current contradiction between people and vehicles earning the way, and wait for the construction of professional parks. First, strengthen law enforcement to combat the behavior of driving up oil prices, second, release idle land for temporary parking, and third, speed up the elimination of high pollution vehicles."

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