Who do you like the sleeper of these heavy trucks with a width of more than 1 meter

In the past two years, the products in the heavy truck market have shown an obvious high-end trend, which is not only the upgrading of vehicle power performance, but also a very obvious manifestation in vehicle comfort. Among them, the improvement of howo sleeper area is one of the important items. So today we will take stock of those heavy truck models with sleeper more than 1 meter.

Section 1: Jiefang yingtu

When it comes to driving comfort, it's natural to avoid sinotruk yingtu. As a model model that confirms the concept of "living quarters", yingtu with super first-class driving experience has brought us a lot of shock.

Because of the convex design outside the cab, the cab space of howo truck engine is very abundant. The light width of the sleeper is up to 1.4 meters, and it can also be spliced. By moving the modules on both sides, this double bed can be spliced into a sofa.

An independent shower room is also set on the left side of the sleeper, which allows card users to take a comfortable bath after running the car, and 1 provides the function of switching between hot and cold water.

In terms of power, the real car is equipped with a liberation power engine, the model is ca6dn2-62e68, the displacement is 15 liters, which meets the national six emission standard, the maximum output is 620 horsepower, and the peak torque can be 2850 nm in the range of 900-1300rpm.

The transmission system is matched with Jiefang Lingdong 12 gear Changxing AMT transmission, and the model is ca12tax265ar., The oil change cycle reaches 600000 km. And Voith hydraulic retarder is equipped with the gearbox, which can cope with long downhill road conditions more easily.

In the chassis part, the car adopts air bag suspension, and its shock absorption performance is much better than that of steel plate spring. It is suitable for the transportation of high value-added items such as green link and precision instruments, which can effectively reduce the cargo damage rate. And the rear axle supports 400000 km oil change, which can reduce the number of vehicles entering the station and improve the attendance rate.

Section 2: Auman Galaxy

As the world's first brand-new high-end heavy truck of Foton Daimler, Auman galaxy is committed to providing users with high-quality transportation solutions. This Auman galaxy is launched to solve users' operational pain points and create high-quality transportation solutions.

The width of the sleeper of this car can reach 1.1 meters, which is a highlight of this galaxy. It is much wider than the general 80cm sleeper. The thickness of the mattress is about 10cm, which is more comfortable. In addition, a workbench is set at the rear window, which is equipped with USB interface and window control keys

In terms of power, the real car is equipped with Fukang x13 series engine, the specific model is x13ns6b580. The displacement of this in-line 6-cylinder engine is 13L, which meets the emission standard of national standard VI. Its maximum output power is 580 horsepower, the peak torque can reach 2600 nm, and the power performance is excellent.

The transmission system is matched with ZF's 12 gear manual automatic transmission, the model is 12tx2620td, the head gear ratio is 16.688, and the highest gear is direct gear.

The rear axle is equipped with a 440 rear axle, with a speed ratio of 3.083 and an allowable load of 18000kg. The front and rear axles of the actual model adopt leaf spring suspension, and the front 2 and rear 3 are designed with few leaf springs, which have good shock absorption performance. Of course, you can also choose rear airbag suspension to transport high value-added goods with less damage.

The wheelbase of this car is 3300+1350mm, the size of the whole car is 7.115x2.525x3.95 meters, and the weight of the whole car is 8.1 tons.

Section 3: Sany Jiangshan version

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the only Chinese machinery enterprise on the list of the world's top 500 so far, with a very deep accumulation of industrial technology. This Jiangshan model is a high-quality transportation scheme that integrates the technical capabilities and resource advantages of all parties. Who do you like the sleeper of these heavy trucks with a width of more than 1 meter

This Sany Heavy Truck sleeper is also very distinctive. It doesn't need to be extended or loaded and unloaded. Its width can reach 1.2 meters. It's no problem for two people to sleep. And like yingtu, you can also transform the double bed into a sofa by moving two movable mattresses.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a 17 inch LCD TV on the right side of the sleeper, so you can watch TV for entertainment during rest.

In terms of power, this car is equipped with a Sany DEUTZ engine. The engine has a displacement of 12.9l, which meets the national six emission standards, and can provide 565 horsepower power output and 2600n · m peak torque for the vehicle.


The transmission system is matched with an AMT gearbox of fast, which has a wide range of speed ratios and has strong adaptability to different road conditions. Moreover, this gearbox adopts aluminum alloy shell, which can dissipate heat faster and weigh less.

In terms of chassis, it is equipped with a hande rear axle, with a rear axle speed ratio of 3.364. The leaf spring is also in the form of 2/3 less leaf spring, which takes into account the load-bearing and damping capacity of the vehicle, and will be more comfortable during driving.

Section 4: Hongyan Jieshi H6

As a new generation of high-end car model in Hongyan, Jieshi H6 is aimed at the domestic trunk logistics market. Its overall configuration is high, and it can provide card users with a very comfortable driving experience.

Its sleeper width is 1050mm, which may not be as wide as other models, but it does not need splicing, moving and other operations. It is convenient to use, and the head of the bed on the right side can be raised, so that card friends can lie half on it to brush their mobile phones. This design is quite intimate.

In terms of power, the real car is loaded with the autonomous engine of SAIC power, the model is sc13e560q6. The maximum power output of this engine can reach 560 horsepower and the maximum torque is 2600 nm, which can help kayou complete the transportation task well.

The transmission system is matched with a 12 speed gearbox of fast, which adopts an overdrive design, with a maximum gear ratio of 0.78 and an original hydraulic retarder of fast. Of course, you can also choose the configuration of ZF AMT gearbox + ZF hydraulic retarder.

In terms of chassis, this car is equipped with a 457 punching and welding bridge with high bearing capacity. This bridge is widely used in the current heavy truck market. It has high reliability and a large retention capacity, which can further improve the reliability of the whole vehicle and facilitate later maintenance.

● postscript:

For long-distance card users, it is the most difficult to solve the problem of clothing, food, housing, transportation and transportation. After all, the sleeper of the general heavy truck model is only about 85CM, and they are afraid to fall when turning over. However, the sleeper width of these cars is more than one meter, and they also have their own unique functions, so they have more advantages in comfort. So what do card friends think of these cars? If you have anything to say, please write in the comment area.